What Creditors Do Not Want you to Know and Why

Creditor’s Philosophy

Very simple, they are in the business to make money. More you owe, the more money they will make. Unsecured loans and credit facilities are granted to you based on your credit scores and debt loads. Secured loans like home equity loans, mortgages are the lowest interest loans, however you will still have to qualify to get approved. No matter what, the longer you owe them, the more profit they will make.

Most Expensive

Credit cards, and department store charge cards are the most expensive, providing convenient payment solutions as money is ready available. Credit limits can be extended over longer periods of time when you have proven to be a good spender and your repayment stability is proven. They become even more dangerous when you obtain additional cards to pay for credit on other cards. Soon you will only be able to pay minimum monthly payments, setting yourself up for ever increasing debt.

Less Expensive

Secured lines of credit, home equity lines of credit, and mortgage loans are the cheapest way to borrow for whatever reason: business, renovations, children’s tuitions, travel, and to pay off high interest credit card debts. To effectively turn high interest unsecured debt into a low interest secured debt requires an expert to set up a plan, work out a solution, and help you to execute it precisely. We encourage you to use our FREE consultation option, where you can have an expert to analyze your situation, provide you with a plan, and help you become debt free.

Credit Repair Process

Not everybody’s situation is the same so there is no general plan that fits all. There are no miracles or overnight solutions but expert, seasoned professionals with many years of experience can provide you with a way out. The road is bumpy, but nothing is impossible.

Tools We Use

  • debt restructuring, elimination and consolidation for a settlement
  • help of Trustees to determine OPD or Bankruptcy options and consequences
  • credit bureau analysis, Beacon Score scrutiny to open underlying problem
  • strength searching of further borrowing to eliminate bad debt and restructure them
  • establishing directions for homeowners and non-homeowners
  • provide home owners with an equity loan or second mortgage to pay off renegotiated debt
  • provide advice and support during the credit improvement period
  • prepare you to consolidate your mortgages into one low interest first mortgage

Suddenly your high interest debts have been replaced by low interest mortgage debt –
the cheapest money you will ever borrow –
and you’ll save thousands over the years to come.

Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION today and get out of debt – fast!