Networking cost nothing, zero, nada, zilch
You are invited!I am the organizer and managing Private Mortgage Lenders Canada a Network of Realtors, Real Estate Investors, Mortgage Brokers and Private Mortgage Investors Have you ever added all the expenses your business requires to advertise, promote your business? You would wonder wouldn’t be a better world if you keep all those hard earned dollars? Networking cost you nothing, our membership is free and when you sign up we will approve you…READ MORE

Home owners; good debt can make you money
Well, never thought this is possible, however I will show you it is? Get your mortgage calculator out and let’s get going. Would you agree, we all have little greed in us, however it is human nature and I agree; I am the greediest of them all. I will call greed a motivator and believe me not it is. Let start with this: all of these are just numbers game, but it can make you rich. It is a proven method, banks have proved it it works and it can wor…READ MORE

Home owners! How to turn 29% credit card debt into 4% debt?
The ongoing resiliency of the Canadian housing market has most Canadians feeling confident that their home is a sound financial investment which will become a cornerstone of their long term financial well being. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the amount of debt Canadians have outside their mortgage. A recent Royal Bank survey stated that debt loads outside mortgages have sky rocketed since the recession of 2008-2009….READ MORE

TransUnion: Personal Debt Levels Experience First Quarterly Drop Since 2011; Largest Decline Since 2004
TORONTO–(Marketwired – Jun 4, 2013) – TransUnion’s quarterly analysis of Canadian credit trends found that the average consumer’s total debt (excluding mortgage) in Q1 2013 decreased 2% to $26,935, the first quarterly decline since Q3 2011 and the largest one observed since TransUnion began tracking the variable in 2004.Despite the quarterly decline, total debt is still 3.48% higher than the $26,029 total observed in Q1 2012. The year-over-year …READ MORE

Mycreditfixer advisory: How to save money part 2
The Smartest procedure to Save cash: Have a Spending PlanThe very best procedure to keeping money is to create a Budget . With an allowance, you number out what your income is and what your costs are. Once you understand these two things, you can find ways to reduce your costs or boost your income, assign an allowance of cash that you can put to savings. This is how the world’s biggest companies do it and this is how most of the world’s thrivin…READ MORE