Debt Plans, Solutions and Implementations

Debt Elimination Program

Financial planning is essential for a debt elimination program. We can analyze your debt and help you understand the details. More often than not, we can negotiate with your creditors to bring the debt amount down significantly, perhaps as much as 70%. We can show you what has worked for others in a similar situation, and create a flexible program that you will be able to handle in a responsible manner.

Debt Consolidation Program

Some may suggest you consolidate payments so that you make only one big payment instead of a number of small ones. Be careful! They may really be just peddling a product. The interest rate on an unsecured loan, mortgage or equity loan might be higher than usual, however it will be a single rate that allows you to easily keep good track of your financial condition and gives you the ability to make the new lower payment without struggling.

Trustees and Orderly Payment of Debts

When you do not have any other alternative, we will advise you to look up a Trustee and work out a program with them as an OPD. However it is the last resort, as an OPD will stay on your credit bureau until you have paid all your debts in full (sometimes it stays on longer!). In this case your debt may be dealt with, but your credit is still in ruins.

Best WE DO

Home Owners Credit Repair Solutions


When you own a property you are ahead of the game, as your home equity might be sufficient to pay off all your debt in full and set you up for a speedy recovery. Here how it works:

  • We renegotiate your debt and make a settlement agreement with your creditors
  • We determine your equity position, obtain you an equity loan, second or third mortgage
  • You pay off all bad debt on your credit bureau, consolidate the rest and maintain the good debts
  • You will work on your credit bureau to elevate beacon score to desired level
  • Once your credit score has improved, we will arrange a new, low interest mortgage by consolidating your existing mortgage and all leftover debts, thus replacing high interest debts with low interest debts and saving you thousands in the process


That is the question. Are you looking for answers?

Replacing high interest debts with a low interest Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) not only saves you money every month, but it further improves your credit. Remortgaging your home for a higher amount than you owe and then paying off your high interest debts, saves you a bundle and also repairs your credit. Getting a second mortgage to pay off your debt can repair your credit, and open up the chance to qualify for a new, low interest mortgage in a year or two. It will save you thousands of dollars in interest payments in the long run.

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