Are you drowning in debt, or need help negotiating the debts that you have? Are you struggling to maintain your payments each month? Have you maxed out your credit cards but can’t make the payments? Would you like to cancel your credit card and pay it out? Have you attempted to get a credit card or mortgage, but been refused? Have you had a court judgment against you recorded on your bureau? Are you sick and tired, not knowing what to do about it? 

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, you are not alone and you are not beyond help. We recognize that life changes can significantly impact your ability to keep up with your monthly commitments. We understand that people lose their jobs, get ill, get divorced, increase their family size, move and lose track of which creditors they have kept informed of their movements, are involved in car accidents, trust people with their finances that shouldn’t be trusted – and many other unique situations that impact your ability to cover your debts.

Help with debt problems is closer than you think.
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We do not believe in holding people ransom because of difficult times in the past. Creditors do not see it this way. They place derogatory information on your credit file for future creditors to see, and then decline your request to borrow. MyCreditFixer is here to advocate on behalf of those who are being held hostage by previous creditors, who need help with debt problems, and do not know who to turn to who can help them move forward with their lives. 

The longer these matters are left, the longer you will wait to buy your home, to buy that new car, to travel, to realize your dreams of financial freedom, and to feel better about life.

OUR unique credit rehabilitation program is for everybody, yes for you too!

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