Mission Statement
We at mycreditfixer will work tirelessly to seek out the best possible debt settlement for our clients, and provide the best possible advice on their consolidation process. We will work hard to obtain the relief mortgage or loan to best fit their circumstances and needs. We will use all our resources to advance credit repair and a successful mortgage consolidation strategy. We will always deal with our clients in an honest and professional manner.


And when I have meet you first, I thought, here we go again, he will just give me the usual; "stop spending your kids inheritance, you will lose your home like this, why don't you understand, you cannot live beyond your means" than all of a sudden, you told me you have a plan and a solution and in a few days you proved it to me; every word you said was good as gold. My kids asked me; what is that new smirk on my face, I thought; it is only on a need to know basis… I am happy I found you and thank you to be so patient with me and happy


Without lending options just like this company provides, thousands of Canadians would fall through the cracks and suffer financial ruin. Companies like this fill the huge gaps left behind by the wake of our ‘too big to fail” top five lenders who rule Canada’s financial industry. Companies like this provide meaningful options to ordinary Canadians. Thank goodness options like this exist.


And all of the time during the process they have kept me informed and were the first to tell us the good news about all our debts have been renegotiated and settled at 60% on a dollar…. wow what ride, so much we saved, thank you and please call to…

Donna Wright Alberta

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