Get out of debt – fast!

Our goal is to get you out of debt as quickly as possible, and help you with a plan that will manage your debt into the future and improve your credit rating.

Eliminate up to 70% of your debt

Consolidate your debt for a lower overall monthly payment

Save on interest, sometimes up to 50%

Using your equity in your home you’ll be able to pay off the reduced debt, get your credit and your beacon score improved, and in time we will move you to cheap borrowing. With a plan to repair your credit, you’ll know when you will be able to get access to an inexpensive Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or mortgage product that is only accessible with a good credit rating.

With bad credit, you will always pay high interest rates, whether or not you are a home owner with equity in your home.

This is a plan to get you debt free life back and reduce the stress created by creditors hunting you. It requires planning and professional negotiating backed by years of experience to accomplish. We can help you

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